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Borderlands 2 PC Game Review

Borderlands 2 Game Review

The Borderlands 2 is a first-person action shooter game. It was developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. It was developed for all platforms like Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Mac OS X and Xbox 360. The Borderlands 2 is the sequel to the ultimate one-player action 2009’s Borderlands Game. Borderlands 2 comes with four new characters, environment, quests, enemies and weapons. These all new feature comes together to create a brilliant story in which player reveals all secrets.

borderlands 2 wallpaper

Borderlands 2 Characters
The Borderlands 2 comes with all new Borderlands 2 Characters. Even the previous characters are back and better than ever. These Borderlands 2 characters are named as Salvador, Maya, Axton, Zer0 and Gaige. Salvador: Salvador is one of the four playable characters in Borderlands 2 and belongs to “Gunzerker class”. In his abilities he resembles the “Brick” from the first game borderland and he can dual-wield any two weapons in the game. The abilities of Salvador can be upgraded.
Axton is one of the four playable Borderlands 2 characters. He is a commando player. He relies on turrets to deceive his enemies. In the game, Axton is able to gear his turret. He is armed with some additional gun barrels. The fourth playable character in Borderlands 2 game is Maya which represents the Siren class. This is the only class return from the original Borderlands. The abilities of Maya revolve around fire, explosions, corrosion, electricity and slag. One of the most interesting ability of Maya is Phaselock and Maya is able to upgrade this phaselock.
The fourth playable character in the borderlands 2 is Zero (Sometimes stylize as Zer0). He represents Assassin class. The most interesting ability of Zer0 is his capability of becoming invisible. He is armed with pistols and sniper rifles. Gaige, the playable character characterizes the Mechromancer category in the game. It is a gadget-savvy assorted linking human being and robot machine having the left arm which operates robotically.

Borderlands 2 Classes
1. Salvador (the Gunzerker class): He is a native of Pandora. He is dual-wielding and makes damages per second (DPS). While gunzerking, any weapon type can be used.
2. Maya (the Siren class): Maya uses an ability called Phaselock. This interesting ability suspends and prevents enemies from moving and attacking.
3. Axton (the Commando class): The commando is having a skill to drop a sabre turret and this turret is with tactical sidekick to buffed-out guns.
4. Zer0 (the Assassin class): Zer0 specializes in high burst damage on single targets. He creates massive amount of damage and kills enemies faster than any other class.
5. Gaige (the Mechromancer class): Gaige, the playable character which characterizes one of the Borderlands 2 Classes, Mechromancer category, in the game.

I love Borderlands Game but Borderlands 2 is having everything that the original Borderlands game should have and even better. The Borderlands 2 is a pretty awesome game and it also brings with a massive array of side quests in addition to the main storyline and makes it better. I enjoyed everything in the game from brand new characters to brand new weapons.

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Borderlands 2

Nov 20, 2012 by Placibo

Borderlands 2 is the funniest PC game I have played for 2012. Love the graphics

windows 7 games , USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 Borderlands 2 is the funniest PC game I have played for 2012. Love the graphics

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  • I’ve been playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution a lot this week and I’m prttey close to the end. I’m so torn about this game! On one hand, it has a very solid world build and a backdrop that touches on a lot of interesting ethical questions raised concerning both the society and the fate of the main character. I also felt that there was a better representaton of men/women/poc than I initially expected. On the other hand the story is leaning too heavily on cliche9s! I have yet to be chocked or even mildly surprised by any twist the story has thrown at me. With all the seemingly infinite story choices possible, why chose to make such obvious storylines that can be seen miles away by anyone who ever read a Sci-Fi or cyberpunk novel? Also, the gameplay is severely hindered by the horribly designed boss fights and a certain infamous story choice halfway through the game that a lot later prttey much makes a player doing a non-lethal/stealth playthrough unable to complete a boss fight. That almost destroyed my gaming experience and I’m now unsure whether I will actually bother trying to complete the game at all. I also find the default in-game motivation for Adam Jensen to be very lazy and underwritten. Come on, game, if I’m supposed to be motivated by the mouldy dead girlfriend cliche9, then at least make an effort to make me care about her. Other games can do it, so why aren’t you even trying? No flashbacks, no old letters, no nothing. :/ On the other hand, I really love some of the NPC’s in the game, like Malik, Pritchard and Sarif. At least they are well-written. But there’s so much wasted potential in this game that it actually makes my inner writer quite angry.

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