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  • its everything he wehsid Dragon Age coulda been. I’ve been too busy with Ghost Recon but I’m gonna have a marathon session tomorrow on my day off. It looks great, I love the combat, and I especially love the whole game logic behind it too. In Skyrim for example (and so many many other rpg’s are guilty of this as well), when you encounter a creature or beast in the game world thats bigger than you like a Mammoth, you would hack away at its ankle until it died presumably from either blood loss or embarrassment.In Dogma a crucial part of the combat is the grab mechanic, where instead, you’re able to climb up onto the beast and try to stab it in a vital area like its neck or eye. Or lets say there’s a giant Chimera trying to eat your party. Instead of chopping uselessly at its foot with your sword, you have to climb on (and hold on while it thrashes) and try and kill its Snake-tail, which makes the goat head vulnerable, which lets you kill the lion part, which is the end of that creature and its threat.Seriously good innovative stuff going on in there, give it a shot.

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